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HGCE ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Z.A.F.T. Mobile Suit

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"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", completely new modeling. The double joints built into the torso can reproduce the forward bending action characteristic of Destiny Gundam.
The side armor slides backward to avoid interference with the legs and has a structure that does not limit the range of movement.
The beam effects of "Wings of Light", which is also a symbol of Destiny Gundam, and "Parma Fiokina", a beam cannon in the palm, are included as clear parts.
Hand parts come with a grip that can hold a weapon and an open hand for "Parma Fiokina".
Arondight Beam Sword, high-energy long-range beam cannon, beam boomerang, and abundant armament are included.
■ Arondight Beam Sword x 1
■ High Energy Long Range Beam Cannon x 1
■ Shield x 1
■ Beam Shield x 1
■ High Energy Beam Rifle x 1
■ Beam Boomerang x 2
■ Light Wings x 1
■ Palmafio Keena effect parts x 1
■ Hands for Palma Fio Keena x 1 each on the left and right