Funko 5 Star: My Hero Academia - Deku


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Funko 5 Star: My Hero Academia - Deku,38665
Quirky Behold! Izuku Midoriya in his hero costume! Poor Izuku has wanted to be a hero his whole life, which was pretty tough when he didn't develop any quirks right away. It's alright though because Izuku managed to be naturally heroic, and studied heroes and hero tactics until he was one of the cleverest students at U.A. High School. Now he's a class 1-A student. Such an ambitious and hard-working hero-to-be deserves a little recognition, hence this 5 Star My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya figure. This vinyl figure is almost 4 inches tall with a moveable head and arms. He's in his teal and red hero uniform and even has accessories that fit into his hands.
Model: 38665
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